Thursday, October 1, 2009

Battery Died

Sorry no pictures of this morning's ride. There wasn't much time, so we rode out at Usery, and did a short loop of the Levee trail, Moon Rock Trail, Blevins, the front side of Pass Mtn, Cat's Peak and then back. I hate to say that I didn't really have a good time, I went to bed too late the night before, was unprepared, dehydrated before I even started, and had a massive headache. About 90% of the trails are fast and flowy, nothing technical, and most important I got to test ride my race setup. Conclusion: it sucks balls.

Now I'm scavenging for parts like mad, I hate the Shimano drivetrain with a passion. Why can't they just make products that are 'plug and play'??? Even their high end components need weekly adjusting, and the crappy parts that I'm running right now don't work at all. Ghost shifting, and the front derailleur doesn't know what to think of my two-speed front setup. Most of all, it is SLOW. You click, and the gears change a few seconds later, TOO LATE. Aarrggh!!!

Worst case scenario I will temporarily switch the parts off of the trail bike to the race bike. The Sram components from that bike have been on there for forever, and I have only had to adjust the rear derailleur twice, and never touched the front after installing. It was well worth my money (bought brand new), and still paid a lot less than what I would have paid for XT/XTR bullcrap. Take that Shimano....

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