Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Test Ride

I finished putting together the 'race' rig. I was a little concerned about the chain tension, since the cage spring of the rear derailleur is pretty weak, but it works awesome. As can be seen in the pictures, it sags a little bit. I did a test ride / time trial out at MMP, and the drive train performs really good: shifting is fast, smooth, and precise. The only thing I noticed was that it is very noisy on rough terrain. Other than that I timed myself on the S-T-L loop at McDowell Mountain Park, with getting bucked off the bike once (shame on me), the chain falling off twice, accidentally getting unclipped once, and pulling over a few times to stretch my back (not used to riding the hardtail anymore), I came out at about an hour. Not sure what to think of that really, it's not superfast, and it's not superslow. I just hope the race will be less eventful.

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