Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting ready....

So last night I prepped my race bike. Too bad the race is already in two weeks, I really want to try ghetto tubeless. Going tubeless will definitely save a lot of $$$ in tubes, and I wonder what it does to the handling of the bike, since the tire will be shaped differently. I will probably wait 'till I wear out these tires, and then try it with a brand new set. I've been eyeballing a few tires out there, I like the Panaracer Fire XC Pro, and the WTB Weirwolf Race tires, maybe even the Kenda Kinetics combo. I just so hope I won't get a flat during the race, I wonder if it would be weird if you race with full equipment (i.e. camelback with tools).

Also did a quick and dirty run along the canal, trying to beat sundown.

I seriously hope my other bike will be ready before Saturday, there will be a Luna Chix ride at SoMo, very much looking forward to that! I am also very curious to see how my brakes will behave, somehow I don't think they were 100% coming out of the box :(

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