Thursday, September 24, 2009

SoMo - Javelina/Beverly Canyon

First of all, let me start with my drive from work yesterday evening. What on earth was this guy doing dancing on the fence? This is not Guadalupe, this is Tempe. Anybody notice it getting busier on the streets too? Maybe snow bird season has started, the schools are in session again also, that creates a lot of traffic. Lately I've actually been going up and down Price Rd instead of the L101, simply because it's faster and less stressful.

On to today's ride report. Today's ride was fun, but a whole different animal than National-Mormon loop. We decided (or I decided) to do the Javelina-Beverly Canyon loop, which is not as technical as National-Mormon, but still quite challenging. When the trail branches off of Mormon, there's a tricky switchback with a drop-off that almost bucked me off the side. I found a better way that takes you straight through it, just stay left and go over the rocks, straight into the wash. It's not that much easier, I just happen to be somewhat switchback-impaired. Especially if it involves an extremely sharp turn, followed by some fairly tall and rocky step downs. There are some sections like that on the Red Mountain Mine Trail downhill, that I actually used to clear on my hardtail, but now for some reason get stopped up on everytime. I'm getting there though, I think I hit a plateau, and am slowly starting to step it up a little.

This loop should not really be underestimated, just because it is not National, Geronimo, Holbert or any of those trails. The technicality in this trail is the many different climbs, and very loose rock. At this point I am not quite clearing all of them yet, but there is definately progress there. I am not sure whether it is skills or leg power that I need to work on more, but both areas will get lots of attention this season. I haven't really set any goals yet (which I should, so I can work towards something), but I'm doing more group rides, and riding with different people. That has made a big difference so far.

Luckily it wasn't as crowded this morning, we only came across a few hikers, which were all friendly. I took it easy, trying to not get frustrated over my own riding. The challenges out there this morning were all doable, I'm just not there yet. I would like to go out and session some of the features I am having trouble with, but now I'm thinking I might be overdoing it. Been riding every morning since Saturday, except for Wednesday, and was feeling a little tired this morning. It also took me a while to warm up and get started, I am less energetic and don't really give a 100% trying to clear things. Wondering if I should back off a little bit, or just keep hammering on and get with the program...

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