Monday, September 21, 2009

NRA Pit this morning

After a day of doing absolutely nothing I felt plenty energetic this morning at 5AM to hit the trail. For a change it was actually nice and cool outside, so I decided to gear up and go up and down the NRA pit a few times. I'm not so sure about the big jumps, so I usually just go and have a ball on the 'pee wee'-track that runs parallel to the monster jumps. Someday I should really get my guts together and give them a try, I'm sure they'll be a lot nicer for my bike than the little ones. I tend to over jump the smaller ones, and I beat up my bike quite a bit on the flat landings.

After doing the run about two times, I noticed a guy on a horse, standing on the hill top, watching me go. That was the only other person, I saw out there. Apart from all the roadies on Usery Pass Rd. They should really get themselves a real bike ;)

That reminds me of a group of girls I saw on road bikes by a gas station in Hurricane, UT. They rode into the parking lot, yakked for a little bit, and took off again. As one of the girls rode off of the sidewalk getting out of the gas station, she did a big old face plant. I tried real hard not to crack up. Poor girl, I'm pretty evil.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. I put you on my blogroll, maybe one of my 3 readers will click in and read. I am going to be writing for a local Elgin website (not a paying gig) so I may not be updating my personal diary as often (not that I do anyway) is nice to have a place to record what is going on in your life so people you know can keep up with you. I look forward to reading more about your life in Arizona