Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On the fence

I might have outgrown my bike... yep. Apparently what I do would be classified as All Mountain/Freeride/Enduro. My bike is borderline XC/All Mountain. How I came to this conclusion? I think I'm going to break the frame one of these days. The rear triangle needs to be tightened up every three rides, and the frame has a flaw in it from factory. When the rear shock totally bottoms out, the frame tubes will actually hit each other. For this reason I have not been jumping the bike too much, and I avoid hopping side ways as much as I can. This is stupid, because I really don't want to worry about my frame potentially breaking on me out on the trail. So I've been lurking at different frames. This is what I'm considering at this point:

Kona One20 - This one's awesome because it comes in a 14", but it's a 120mm travel bike, and I'm scared I'll outgrow it. I'm probably more interested in a 160mm travel bike. It's well built though, and looks like it could handle the abuse I will throw at it, it will be nice and light though. I'm mostly worried that it would feel just like the Spec Saphire that I demo'd a while ago, which I didn't like. Too much of an XC feel and handling, looking for that slacker head angle.

Kona Coilair - This is the All Mountain/Freeride bike. It's a 160mm travel bike, but I think the smallest size is probably 15" or 16", and obviously it will weigh a bunch more than the One20.

Transition Preston/Covert - Premium frames. If I can get my hands on one for a fair price I wouldn't hesitate. I'm worried about the standover on the Covert though, the top tube is actually curved UP. The Preston looks like it would be a good fit.

Ellsworth Truth - These can be had for a little cheaper, they're probably fairly heavy I'd imagine. I'm trying to stay in the 30lbs to 35lbs range...

For now I'll just try and make my frame work, make some adjustments to the rear triangle and see how it does. Throw the new fork on there, and hopefully it will actually make a huge difference. I'm pretty sure the 20mm front end will be nice.

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